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Rangitoto, a shield volcano iconic to the character of Auckland, is a lovely subject for some nature photography.

Autumn is a lovely season, and many trees change colour during this time. It's a great time for some nature photography in your backyard!

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Compassionate Nature is a digital magazine which includes photographs and writings about nature from IMAgEN8, our community and the students we work with. It provides students the opportunity to see their creative work in a magazine. Read previous issues of the magazine.

Students - you may see your creative work in an upcoming issue of the magazine!



Have fun taking photographs which can be from your backyard, or any outdoor space you can safely access. Keep an open mind and you'll find many beautiful things right under your noses.


Submit your photographs by emailing them to Include:

  • Photograph(s)

  • Caption or poem or writing

  • Student name

  • School and year level

We will include the student's first name and school with any photographs included in the magazine.

By submitting your images, you give IMAgEN8 permission to use them in the Compassionate Nature magazine and other materials and media. We are a registered charity so your mahi helps a good cause! We'll invite you to subscribe to our mailing list so you'll get an email when new issues of the magazine are published.

Resources for parents and teachers

Department of Conservation (DOC) Learning from Home portal

DOC Photo story of nature activity card

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