We want to give every school, every student in New Zealand the opportunity to connect with Nature through our programs and resources. Both large and small donations will help us bring more resources and people to take these programs to more students. If you would like to make a significant donation, please get in touch with us.


If you love nature photography, and would like to pass your skills and knowledge on to the next generation, please get in touch with us. See what is involved. 

Hand Holding Camera Lens


There are many ways to get involved with our work. You can join our nature photography workshops and help children photograph the beauty of nature, design our books and magazines, create flyers and marketing materials, produce videos, fundraise for our programs, build relationships with schools so we can offer workshops to diverse group of students, or provide guidance. Please connect with us to discuss what may suit you based on your interests and skills. We are always open to new ideas!


If you love Nature + Photography + Teaching children, perhaps you can start programs like ours wherever you live in the world. Every seed planted makes the world that much greener. Get in touch with us for inspiration, ideas and resources.

Forest Trees