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Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award

Nature Photography

IMAgEN8 is an Accredited Activity Provider that gives you the opportunity to develop your photography skills within the Skills Section of the Award. This unique opportunity is also an activity you can participate in for your Kākāriki Pathway journey. 

We offer 26 week nature photography programs that connect you with Nature, enhance your hauora/wellbeing, build your skills and enable you to be steward or kaitiakitanga of the environment through your creativity. You will get the chance to have your work published in books and our magazine, Compassionate Nature, and create a compelling portfolio that showcases your talents. Students who only need 13 weeks can go at a slower pace to accommodate school and extra-curricular action, or they can get it done faster and the extra time is bonus learning. 

Learn how to use a digital SLR camera in auto and advanced modes and skill up on image editing in Adobe Lightroom to create photographic art and capture stories about nature. Compelling photography can bring joy and change community attitudes!


IMAgEN8 will loan a digital SLR camera, conduct workshops and webinars, give assignments and provide photography mentors. We will publish the students' work in our magazines and books, and select students will participate in our annual exhibition.

This program is for ages 14+. Apply or get in touch with us if you have any questions. Cost to participate is $200 for 26-weeks. 

Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award website.

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