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Borrow a camera

Borrow-a-camera. Be an Artist, Environmentalist or Wildlife photographer!


Learn how to use a digital SLR camera in auto and advanced modes and skill up on image editing in Adobe Lightroom to create photographic art and capture stories about nature. Compelling photography can bring joy and change community attitudes!


IMAgEN8 will loan a digital SLR camera, conduct workshops and webinars, give assignments and provide photography mentors for this 6-month program. We will publish the students' work in our magazines and books, and select students will participate in our annual exhibition. They will also have the chance to connect with community members working to conserve our nature reserves and enhance the biodiversity. This program is open to ages 10+, and the cost to participate is $100 per student, plus Adobe Lightroom license ($300/year). Inquire about scholarship options. 

You can also learn photography as a skill for your Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award.

The goal of our work with children and young adults is to nurture their love for Nature. The strength of this love and deepening of connections to our physical world improves their mental wellbeing, fosters increased awareness for the environment, builds compassion, and manifests as kaitiakitanga.

We believe that by forming deep connections and love for our natural environment, we are happier, more compassionate, conserve what we love, and live sustainably. This fuels our passion to work with diverse communities, ages, and schools, so we can contribute to fostering a more sustainable society and planet for us all. 


Digital SLRs from Canon, Nikon, Sony

6-month Program Details

The 6-month program includes the following workshops and webinars:

  • Kickoff workshop (Camera basics)

  • Webinar (Adobe Lightroom basics)

  • 2 in-person workshops

  • Webinar (Composition)

  • Webinar (Compelling images)

  • Return camera

In between these workshops and webinars, students will be getting 6 assignments to work on and learning through videos and how-to guides to grow their skills. They will have photography mentors to guide and help them.

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