Mrs. Julie Miller, Year 8 Teacher/Team leader

Remuera Intermediate

This year more than any other it has been important for our wellbeing to pause and be in the moment; this is what the Imagen8 photography experience has given our students. Looking through fresh eyes at the abundance and beauty around us is so soothing for the soul, it cultivates appreciation, calm and gratitude - all so very important for resilience. What a privilege it has been to have Tushar working alongside our students - mentoring their development in nature photography and giving them the opportunity to view our school environment through a rich new lens.

“Look deep into nature then you will understand everything better.” - Albert Einstein

Principal Ateel Sudhakar

Epsom Normal Primary School

I am delighted to witness the sacrifice, enthusiasm and commitment of Tushar Sharma who has fostered a love of nature in the young minds at our school. Our children have been working with Tushar for the past two years and have deepened their understanding and appreciation of the physical world over this time. They have demonstrated their talent in the photographs featured in this book which are captioned with their writing gems. Interspersed among the photographs, is a selection of environmental writing pieces which showcase the creativity of our budding ENPS writers. The diverse nature of the images captured in this book reflect the diversity we celebrate at our school, where we have 50+ ethnicities.

I am confident you will applaud the strengths the children have displayed while working in the photography workshops. Term 4 is a time to celebrate our children’s learning and the children who have contributed to this book, Tushar Sharma, Gail Colby, and Dillon Rungan, are to be congratulated for their leadership.

My hearty thanks to IMAgEN8 for their generosity.

Ms. Anne McDonnell, Year 7 Teacher

Remuera Intermediate

"With the school’s focus on students’ wellbeing I jumped at the chance for Room 11 students to experience photography workshops in nature. It has long been acknowledged that being in nature is good for one’s general wellbeing and this opportunity to experience moments of wonder around the school was certainly very rewarding for students. It is hoped that a spark of creativity has been lit so that in future years these students will marvel at the beauty in the world; that they will find joy in everyday scenes - from watching a pigeon scrounge for titbits, to appreciating the exquisite colour, fragrance and symmetry of a flower in spring. What this experience has shown is that one doesn’t have to travel far to find beauty as it’s all around us - in the backyard or even the school grounds. We sincerely thank Tushar for providing this unique opportunity."

Whaea Pare Paul, Whanau Leader

He Pua Mai I Rangiatea Teachers (Rumaki Reo Unit)


Roscommon School

Capturing the vibrant beauty in our school community has been an incredibly rewarding activity for our students. They feel confident and in control of the camera, while having a carefree spirit. They loved exploring the camera settings to create different image effects and played around with angles and light.


They understand that time ages and affects nature in different ways. Getting a close up on the most intricate details of the living world has helped them to notice and appreciate nature’s textures and myriads of shades. 


Our students are proud of their images and understand that they can be script-writers, producers and directors of their own visual stories,  through producing breathtaking photos that speak  much more than a thousand words.