Nature Right Under Our Noses

Nature is all around us, practically right under our noses. In 2019, tamariki from Epsom Normal Primary and Remuera Intermediate schools participated in photography workshops on school grounds and captured these beautiful glimpses of nature to share with us all. They serve to remind us that we do not have to go far to find the peace and beauty of nature. 


Ms. Anne McDonnell, Year 7 Teacher

Remuera Intermediate

"With the school’s focus on students’ wellbeing I jumped at the chance for Room 11 students to experience photography workshops in nature. It has long been acknowledged that being in nature is good for one’s general wellbeing and this opportunity to experience moments of wonder around the school was certainly very rewarding for students. It is hoped that a spark of creativity has been lit so that in future years these students will marvel at the beauty in the world; that they will find joy in everyday scenes - from watching a pigeon scrounge for titbits, to appreciating the exquisite colour, fragrance and symmetry of a flower in spring. What this experience has shown is that one doesn’t have to travel far to find beauty as it’s all around us - in the backyard or even the school grounds. We sincerely thank Tushar for providing this unique opportunity."

Ateel Sudhakar, Principal

Epsom Normal Primary School

"I am delighted to acknowledge the photographic workshops run by Tushar Sharma at Epsom Normal Primary this year. Tushar volunteered to work with our students and develop their photographic skills through workshops focussed on capturing the wonders of nature in our school environment. Tushar’s work with our students exemplifies his passion for photography and his willingness to share his expertise. We sincerely appreciate his valuable contribution to our school and our students are very thankful for his guidance and mentoring."

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