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2023 | Centres of Wellbeing

We are very excited to share the news that the book 'Centres of Wellbeing' has been published! Many students, parents and community members have contributed their time and energy in capturing amazing photographs in nature reserves (Tahuna Torea, Kepa Bush, St Johns Bush, Churchill Park, Dingle Dell & Kohimarama Forest) over the past year that we bring together in this book.


Contact to purchase this book.



“Forests are immensely beneficial for our well-being. There is something highly therapeutic about being in the middle of a bush where all you see are trees, and all you hear is flowing water and birds. New Zealand’s national and regional parks area treasure, but we can’t get to them every day. Nature reserves in our cities, like the ones in the eastern suburbs of Auckland, are a treasure for the city. If you live in the neighbourhood, you can walk in the bush if you only have an hour to spare. Well-being from that hour in the forest brings us and everyone we touch great benefit. These nature reserves are ‘Centres of Wellbeing’ in our beautiful peaceful city.” 
from the book 'Centres of Wellbeing'


We have just bought 2 copies from the book, and I wanted to say how fantastic and beautiful it is.  So much work and care has been put into this project... and both Elsie and George didn't realise that it was a "real Book."  George just looked so proud and said- but why is my photo on the front? There are so many others in there that are good.  It probably was one of the best decisions that we made to come along and take photos with you and Hina.  I really wanted to say such a heartfelt thank you.  I think it has given him confidence and belief in himself and the things that he loves that aren't recognised at school in our educational system.   This book has made him really happy. THANK YOU! We love it!

Helen Grove (Mum of George Grove, age 10)

Nature photography is like great. I love capturing the beauty of flowers, wildlife, and landscapes. It's incredible how a single photo can tell a whole story and make you feel like you're right there in the moment. I get inspired by the little things in nature that often go unnoticed - like the detail of an insect, or the lines on a leaf. Also, seeing the world through the lens of my camera helps me appreciate the world around me. 

Karla Tremain (age 12)

2021 | Little Eyes, Big Perspectives

'Little Eyes, Big Perspectives', published in November 2021, brings together some of the most beautiful photographs captured by students at our workshops in 2019, 2020 and 2021.


You can read it online for free, and a printed copy can be purchased from WheelersTimeout bookstore or directly from IMAgEN8. Printed copies are also available at the school receptions at Epsom Normal, Remuera Intermediate and Roscommon schools.


2020 | Wellbeing

In 2019 and 2020, we published books for Epsom Normal Primary, Remuera Intermediate and Roscommon schools. These books include the tamariki's beautiful creative nature photography, as well as captions and writings from students. Copies of these books are available at the schools. Contact us if you'd like to see them.

Wellbeing of students and our communities was very important as the Covid pandemic spread across the world. We organised workshops for students when feasible, and published three books on the theme of nature and wellbeing.

"This year more than any other it has been important for our wellbeing to pause and be in the moment; this is what the IMAgEN8 photography experience has given our students. Looking through fresh eyes at the abundance and beauty around us is so soothing for the soul, it cultivates appreciation, calm and gratitude - all so very important for resilience."

-Mrs. Julie Miller, Year 8 Teacher/Team Leader, Remuera Intermediate


2019 | Nature Right Under Our Noses

Nature is all around us, practically right under our noses. In 2019, tamariki from Epsom Normal Primary and Remuera Intermediate schools participated in photography workshops on school grounds and captured these beautiful glimpses of nature to share with us all. They serve to remind us that we do not have to go far to find the peace and beauty of nature. 

“No one will protect what they don't care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

― Sir David Attenborough

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