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School Programs

Our nature photography workshops connect students with nature via photography, develop mental wellbeing through time mindfully observing and capturing nature, and build their photography and creative skills, while encouraging place-based education through development of love for their local area. 

  • Our workshops are offered to students ages 8-18 years. Each workshop is one to two hours, with 5 students per session. Students receive copies of their best pictures, and their best work is published in nature photography books and the Compassionate Nature magazine.

  • Cost of a single workshop is $300, which includes edited digital images to share with the students. This is a good way to try it out, or offer it as a one-time event.

  • Our 6-workshop program (see Program Details) aligns with digital learning, visual arts, well-being and ecological sustainability areas in the NZ curriculum, and helps develop students’ language, symbols and texts competency. It gives students the opportunity to be creators of content with nature as the context.

Since 2019, we have been conducting workshops and programs at four schools in Auckland - Epsom Normal Primary, Roscommon, Tamaki College and Remuera Intermediate School. These nature photography workshops on school grounds and nature reserves have enhanced students' mental wellbeing, given them the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature through their own photographs, and provided them an avenue to be creative in thought and expression.


The students' work has been published in form of books and magazines that are available in the school and city libraries and made available for sale to the participating students and school communities. Our educators adhere to our safety and youth protection policies.

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