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Passionate about Nature 


Tushar Sharma

Founder, Director, Photography Teacher

Tushar Sharma is a nature photographer, teacher, conservationist, author, publisher and curator. IMAgEN8 was born out of his love of nature and his desire to deepen people's love and connection with our natural environment, improve mental wellbeing, foster sustainable living encourage kaitiakitanga, and bring joy. He has published 13 books - six of his photography and writings and seven for IMAgEN8. Tushar is the Principal Educator of IMAgEN8, and has been conducting workshops and publishing books since 2019.

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Mark Ryan

Photography Teacher

Mark is a professional photographer with 40+ years of experience. He is currently a senior tutor for Three Little Wishes photography workshops, and a freelance commercial photographer. Previously he was the program director for Diploma in photography & tutor in photography Photoshop and InDesign in Brisbane, Australia among many other roles he has had.


Chelsea Samuel


Chelsea works in Sales Operations and although she does not have a background in photography, she likes to give more of her time being outdoors and exploring different areas of Auckland. Aside from work, she loves to spend quality time with her loved ones, taking care of her son, and capturing Auckland’s beauty one snapshot at a time. 


Hina Patel

Photography Teacher

Hina is a photographer who incorporates her love of nature into her work. She also creates all the films for IMAgEN8 and manages our Instagram account. In her spare time she enjoys filming her travels around New Zealand and overseas.


Nagaja Sanatkumar

Founder and Director

Nagaja Sanatkumar is a professional director on the boards of Meridian Energy, Cawthron Institute, NZ Post, UFF, and FSNI. In addition to her work in strategy consulting, she is also a guest teacher for The Mind Lab and a Beachheads Advisor for NZTE. Nagaja is passionate about sustainability (currently pursuing a Master’s degree from Massey U) and loves tramping, hiking and exploring New Zealand with her family.


David Argue

Photography Teacher

David is a photographer, director and cinematographer. He loves sharing his enthusiasm for photography and videography with rangatahi.



Veronica Lush


Kia ora!
I was craving an opportunity to be of service and a way to practice my love of sustainability and creativity. I'm so pleased that I came across this opportunity! 

Julie Bassett website.jpeg

Julie Bassett


Julie Bassett is an executive leader at Constellation Brands, one of NZ’s leading wine companies.  Her current responsibilities include HR, communications, IT, data and PMO across their international division.  She is also involved in industry wide activities such as women in wine and on-the-job education.   In her spare time Julie enjoys nature walks with her dogs and spending time with family.  As an amateur photographer, her favourite subjects are African animals, birds and plants.


Penny Milner

Photography Teacher

Penny is a photographer who loves to take pictures of nature, people and places. She has 2 children both studying at Otago university. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and of course, taking pictures. 


Keerti Siag

Photography Teacher

Keerti is a passionate landscape and bird photographer based on the North Shore.
She has a background of teaching English literature and now teaches local young kids photography along with running her branding and lifestyle photography in the bays.
Keerti inherited a love for photography from her father and feels strongly in the power of photography to connect people in a positive way.
She believes Photography to be a powerful medium of connecting people with nature and raising awareness about conservation.



Donors, Volunteers and Supporters

Vaidya Gupta Family Trust

Philanthropic donor whose early support enabled purchase of cameras and school workshop programs.


Ana Lyubich (IMAgEN8 magazine editor)

Roscommon School

Support for school workshops.

Whaea Pare Paul (Rumaki Reo unit, Whanau leader), Junaid Rungan (Deputh Princial), Sima Alefaio (Deputy Principal), Deepa Chaturvedi (Associate Principal), Tania Lunjevich

Eastern Bays Songbird Project

Funding of prints of students' photographs, environmental education support on workshops.

Michelle Brinsden, Turfa Chowdhury

St. Heliers Community Centre

Jill Kayser

Forest Bathing Aotearoa

Geoff Handsfield

Orakei Local Board

Funding for the nature reserve workshops in Eastern Bays and the Borrow a camera, Adopt a reserve program

Scott Milne, Margaret Voyce, Sarah Powrie

Epsom Normal Primary School

Significant support for our work enabling school workshops and Borrow a camera, Tell a story programs.

Ateel Sudhakar (Principal), Dillon Rungan (Deputy Principal), Gail Colby (Deputy Principal)


Kaipatiki Local Board (grant)

Pest Free Kaipatiki (project partner)

Auckland Council

Joanne Rutherford, Lucia Davis, Mary Stewart

Book and Image Printing


Friends of Churchill Park

Peter Buchanan


D'Artagnan Sprengel (Photography mentor)

Sonali Patel (Workshop support, videography)

Beverly Winstone (Photography mentor)

Chris Cullinan (Photography mentor)

Zorah Bogdanow (Designer)

Manurewa Local Board

Funding for the nature reserve workshops in the local board area

Constellation Brands

Donation made by the Charities Committee 


Penelop Hansen and Carole Davies (From the Deck - Newmarket stream restoration project)

Anake Goodall (Seed the Change)

Remuera Intermediate School

Support for school workshops and Borrow a camera programs.

Robin Gatfield (Head Year 8), Julie Miller, Anne McDonnell, Mikayla Gulick, Sarah Choat

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