Passionate about Nature 


Tushar Sharma

Founder and Director

Tushar Sharma is a nature photographer, author, educator, conservationist and father. IMAgEN8 was born out of his love of nature and his desire to deepen people's love and connection with our natural environment, improve mental wellbeing, foster sustainable living encourage kaitiakitanga, and bring joy.


Nagaja Sanatkumar


Nagaja Sanatkumar is a professional director on the boards of Meridian Energy, Cawthron Institute, NZ Post, UFF, and MediaWorks. In addition to her work in strategy consulting, she is also a guest teacher for The Mind Lab and a Beachheads Advisor for NZTE. Nagaja is passionate about sustainability (currently pursuing a Master’s degree from Massey U) and loves tramping, hiking and exploring New Zealand with her family.

Nature Photography Educators


Hina Patel

Hina is a photographer who incorporates her love of nature into her work. She also creates all the films for IMAgEN8 and manages our Instagram account. In her spare time she enjoys filming her travels around New Zealand and overseas.


Tushar Sharma

Tushar is the Principal Educator, and has been conducting workshops and publishing books for IMAgEN8 since 2019.

Donors, Volunteers and Supporters

Vaidya Gupta Family Trust
Major donor, seeding the work that continues to this day


School leaders and teachers

Ateel Sudhakar (Principal, Epsom Normal Primary School)

Dillon Rungan (Deputy Principal, Epsom Normal Primary)

Gail Colby (Deputy Principal, Epsom Normal Primary)

Robin Gatfield (Head Year 8, Remuera Intermediate School)

Julie Miller (Year 8 teacher and team lead, Remuera Intermediate)

Anne McDonnell (Year 7 teacher, Remuera Intermediate)
Junaid Rungan (Deputy Principal, Roscommon School)

Deepa Chaturvedi (Associate Principal, Roscommon School)

Whaea Pare Paul (Rumaki Reo unit, Whanau leader, Roscommon School)

Penelope Hansen(From the Deck valley restoration)

Anake Goodall (Seed the Change)


Our books have been printed by Bookprint, Bookprinting, and Blurb