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Nature Photographer

IMAgEN8 Nature Photographers

Talented young photographers (12+) keen to grow their skills, volunteer for workshops, and take on special projects for environmental conservation.


Special projects

Take on special projects about specific nature reserves, parks or specific flora or fauna like birds, native ferns etc. Your work will be published in our magazines and books. You will need your own/parents' digital camera for these projects, ideally a digital SLR.


Intermediate and advanced workshops

Learn new techniques, try new gears, special tutors. If you don't have a camera, you can use ours during the workshop.



Help out younger kids on workshops, setup exhibitions, proof read magazine, get hours for Duke of Ed



Learn about the art and science of photography. Subjects, composition, light. Learn from inspiring photographers and environmentalists.  Advanced Lightroom techniques.

Fill out our form if you are interested in joining the IMAgEN8 Nature Photographers! 

The photographers

Love for nature. Passion for photography and conservation.

These are the talented and thoughtful creative young photographers who are part of the IMAgEN8 Nature Photographers family. Their projects will be showcased in our magazine, in exhibitions and on social media.

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