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Gabriel Austin

Gabriel is an year 7 student at Remuera Intermediate School (2022). He enjoys photography and participated in our Borrow a camera, Tell a story program. Here is a portfolio of his best and most favourite images.
I'm Gabriel - I'm 11 years old. I live with my mom and dad. My friend Anuke is doing this program with me. I have a good connection with animals and love meeting new types of animals. I like photography because you get to photograph things like animals and plants that look interesting and taking pictures of them is a good way of saving them as memories. Colours, Animals, Plants, Patterns and sculptures inspire me. What most challenging for me is to get the right shot at the right time. If I am taking a photo of a moving object then getting an unblurred photo is hard. My current photography project is to take photos to make a 2023 calendar for family and friends and making a collage of photos to hang on my wall. I'd also like to take pictures of more complex objects.
My suggestion to others is to take your time and patience and your photos might become art. "Time waits for no man or woman so get photographing." 

"Gabriel has a great love for birds and animals! It comes through in the work he produces and the subjects he gravitates towards. It takes much patience to capture photographs of birds and animals. Keep up the good work, Gabriel!"

- Tushar

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