Borrow a camera, tell a story


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This is a program for student photographers wanting to tell a story about Nature in New Zealand. Compelling photography can change community attitudes, behaviour, and even policies.


IMAgEN8 will loan a Canon 3000d dSLR camera for terms 2 and 3, provide photography mentors, organise educational sessions for the cohort, and help publish the students' work in our magazine, book and other national media like Toitoi and Excio.


There are so many stories to tell, such as:

  • Capture the variety of plant and animal life in your neighbourhood

  • Find examples of your community benefitting from Nature

  • Find a creek, a bay or a beach and tell us some water stories

  • How many different birds visit your house/local parks?

  • Why do flowers make us happy?

  • What is the impact of water quality problems in our rivers, bays and the Hauraki gulf?

  • What are the challenges and progress made in bringing native birds to the mainland?

This program is open to students in years 6-13, and the cost to participate is $50 per student. Dates for 2023 will be posted later this year.


If any of these stories inspire you, or you have another story or project about Nature, apply or get in touch with us!