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Forest Bathing + Photography Walk

Shinrin yoku, or forest bathing, is the intentional practice of mindful immersion in forests or nature, and has been shown to promote both psychological and physiological health. Among the health benefits of forest bathing are healthier blood pressure and pulse, reduction in stress hormones in the body, engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system, renewed focus, and a sense of tranquility.


We partner with Dr Geoffrey Handsfield from Forest Bathing Aotearoa for an afternoon of forest bathing and nature photography. Geoff is a scientist and a certified forest bathing guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. He is the founder and head guide with Forest Bathing Aotearoa and his vision is to promote mental health and well-being, nature connection, and a spirit of kaitiakitanga for natural spaces in Aotearoa New Zealand and worldwide.  

We visit special places like Karamatura stream track where we take some time to sink into the natural environment, open up our senses with mindful invitations, and become more aware and present with our surroundings. We use this grounding to motivate an afternoon of nature photography. 

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