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Soha Koparde

Soha is an year 6 student at Epsom Normal Primary School (2022). She enjoys photography and participated in our Borrow a camera, Tell a story program. Here is a portfolio of her best and most favourite images.

I’m 11 years old. I live with my Mum and Dad in Auckland and I have a pet cat called Alex. I go to Epsom Normal Primary School and I’m in year 6. I have friends that I enjoy playing with and they are: Taila, Tiana, Ashley, Saeesha, Dhemira, Shanvi and Sophia. My interests are Art because I like drawing and I believe I am good at it. I drew the starry night by Van Gogh. Its turned out to be very pretty. I enjoy photography because I like taking photos from different angles and perspectives. I enjoy making memories through my photographs of my pet Alex, animals and nature. When I see these photos, I feel as if I am experiencing the moment. Taking photos of nature and birds like Fantails, Tuis, Pukekos inspires me. My favourite picture is one I took of a Kea because when the Kea was flying I saw its rainbow wings and they looked so beautiful. The most challenging part for me is when plants move around all the time in the wind and I can’t take a good photo and it comes out blurry. I’m not doing any photography projects so far but I intend to do more in the future. I need to click photos with a lower number of aperture because I haven’t been doing it that much I would also love to do another workshop. Through my workshop I learnt that when you want to take the photo of a subject make sure the subject is always in the middle and take your time trying capture the perfect shot.

"Soha has captured some lovely moments from nature in her photographs! She has a creative eye and good sense for composition. Keep up the good work, Soha!"

- Tushar

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