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Nature teaches you what it is like to be awake

Updated: May 24, 2022

Think back to a time when you went to the mountains and saw lofty peaks rising up into the clouds. You went to the beach and heard the waves crashing against the shore. You were in a forest and walked past trees two hundred years old - heard the sound of a stream and wondered where it was hiding in the forest.

These are memories of an awakened mind. The energy of your attention is channeled towards something beautiful. Your thoughts, emotions, worries are set aside gently when you are in a moment of deep connection with nature.

So think about the memories that you have, and know that those memories are of nature teaching you what it is like to be awakened to the present moment. Those memories are happy memories. In nature, there is deep wellness.

Rangitoto sits beautifully across the water, ever visible on the Auckland horizon. It looks calm, with gentle forms and green trees covering its entire self. But it was born of Mother Earth not so long ago and is only dormant, ready to transform into a new form. We hope you stay this way for centuries to come, for your presence brings peace and enlightened energy to our land. Kohimarama beach, Auckland

The restorative power of trees is a great short read. In the article, Natalie says:

"A walk in the woods, however, works. Just 90 minutes can decrease activity in the subgenual prefrontal cortex—a region associated with rumination (dwelling on negative thoughts, for example).
Perhaps unsurprisingly, exposure to nature can significantly reduce stress. It also alleviates symptoms of anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Spending even a short amount of time in green space can lower blood pressure; it can also help people develop healthier habits and form more positive relationships. People’s mental health is markedly better in urban areas with more green space."
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