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Dulanya Jayasekara

Dulanya is an year 6 student at Epsom Normal Primary School (2022). She enjoys photography and participated in our Borrow a camera, Tell a story program. Here is a portfolio of her best and most favourite images.
Hi, My name is Dulanya, I'm ten years old and I live in New Lynn, Auckland. I love to take photos around my neighbourhood, especially nature. I like photography because taking photos can help you remember events you go to, record your memories and also you get to have fun and be creative. I am inspired by nature to be honest, because nature always has something really awesome that you just got to take a photo of. Whether it's a flower, a bird or something else that's cool. The most challenging part of photography for me is getting the right angle because you don't really know how the photo is going to turn out. The next step for me is to experiment what types of good pictures I can get by creating patterns and structures. I'm also trying to collect my 50 best photos and exhibit them.

My advice to other young photographers is to keep working hard, be creative and experiment what the photo could look like by trying new things.

"Dulanya has delighted us with her photographic creations! She is hard working, very creative and eager to learn. One of her photographs was shortlisted for the Auckland Photo Day public voting competition. Keep up the good work, Dulanya!"

- Tushar

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